London Fruit & Herb Fruit Spice Variety 20ct.

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Classic mixture of London Fruit & Herb fruit and spice teas 


Blackcurrant Bracer: hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, apple pomace, flavorings, licorice root. 

Lemon & Lime Zest: apple pomace, acidity regulators (citric acid, malic acid), sweet blackberry leaves, lemongrass (5%), lemon peel (5%), flavorings, chicory root roasted, lime pieces (1%)

Apple & Cinnamon: apple pomace (36%), cinnamon (19%), sweet blackberry leaves, acidity regulators (malic acid), flavoring, hibiscus, licorice root, chicory root roasted 

Orange Spicer: apple pomace, sweet blackberry leaves, cinnamon (8%), flavorings, acidity regulators (citric acid), chicory root roasted, acidity regulators (malic acid), hibiscus, ginger root (2%) clove buds (1%), orange peel (1%)